Paris gets two rainbows, the selfish bastards

Paris Oct 1998. Taken in between cappuccino sips and raindrop drips

The poems are in chronological order. The first four are from High School. Many of my poems are not included here. Some have been lost. Some were written for others. I didn't keep copies of those nor would I post them here. There are a few that have not appeared here through shear laziness on my part. In an age of specialization, I dabble. I was never very apt at acting my age.

John Namest

In Darkest Nights

I try, I try to get some meaning
From the things that I have been dreaming.
In darkest nights I dream about
Tortured halls where I can't get out.
Is this nature's way of telling me
When trouble comes I just can't flee.
When tossing and turning in my bed
With nightmares stalking in my head
My body screams for me to retire
But to return to dreams I have no desire.
Patience, patience is the key
To find an end to this misery.

The Front

Eyes wide for sights seen as silver sentries
Of shimmering sergeants were sent.
Silver Streaks of death singing their song
To silence their foes.

Banging clamor of visiting messengers
From cannons, and men; shakes the cold earth.
And it rains in red and black.

It's dark as the pale moon
Reflects the star's battle light.
Fortune finds father's weary sons
Holding to the cold earth.

Then sparking the slaying song
Again and again.
Too short
Is time
To reflect;
For fire comes
And with haste we return it,
To set the silver streaks of death
On and on.

A Dance with Death

I look into her eyes and fail to realize
The brimstone stench, her icy clench
in a breath, I dance with Death.

She's stealing from my soul all that makes me whole.
I take a chance and in a glance
The price is paid as memories fade.

And nothing will she miss, she closes with a kiss.
My body tumbles, my spirit crumbles.
For one last breath, I dance with Death.

My Radio

What's in a book, that's worth a second look?
What's in a story, that would cause you to worry?
What's on the TV, that you insist to see?

All I know is what's playing on my radio
And now you want me to go.
You say it's too loud
But I already know
three's a crowd
When it's you, me, and my radio.


Does it get confusing
With all that shit you're using
Your gray matter scatters, then it gathers
No it's fusing

It was simple last week
But you didn't bother to take a peek
Your problems grow and you still don't know
You're a freak

Got them staring at you now
You're a show so take a bow
You're the king clown with a hemp crown
No sacred cow

Years ago it was all for fun
But now you hardly see the sun
You don't ever stand in line, but you'll do them anytime
And you're never done

I liked you better when you believed
The point in life was what you've achieved
It's been replaced by the desire to find some shit to get you higher
But your pain won't be relieved

The Sick Old Show
Where the pain will grow
On the seas of chemical disease
You row, row, row

Do words of wit and rhyme have more meaning then mere prose
Do they more suitably define the redness of a rose
I sit and dare with wee words to air
You take note and pretend to care

Such subtle strangling and wild wrangling
Match word to reason, its waning treason,
All engaging in angling

The shifty sect all sent to shudder
At cast off memes I hastily utter
For some validation of your station
A laureate to covet for your creation

To what my mind set forth to dispose
Aside from a cui bono model's pose
Perhaps a jaunty set of ways
Fighting the banal turn of phrase
To stave this growing malaise

Summer Dream

Party jaded, musac faded, nightmare raided, dreams invaded

What was right went all wrong
diseased reasons become too strong
the lies live after the truth is gone
no voice is left to sing the song

I walk blind with naked rage
a tragedy played without a stage
as sunlight lifts and thoughts decay
moon shadow rifts and dark dirges I play

Empty hatred, fear inflated, mind negated, whimsy sated

Long left loose our minds gave out
an endless choir in silent shout
of ceaseless toil and wills gone lame
of numbing nerves and dumbing brain.

An Ode to Movie Titles (or A Whole Lot of Links to the IMDB)

There is a place known as Hollywood
Where people make movies both Bad and good.
With so many movies being made there
A shortage of titles creates some Despair.

Movies are being made each Monday
More on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Friday they leave early for A Friday Night Date.
Saturday they then sleep really late.

They watch Football on Sunday
Because on Any Given Sunday
Someone will win A Little Bet
Or they'll be downloading porn on The Net.

The Weekend is gone all too soon.
It seems like a Decade before it's Thursday Afternoon.
It isn't till Next Friday that they find
That no title for the film has come to their mind.

One Month Later things are looking Grim.
What can get them out of the Situation they are in?
In comes consultants with A Program to share.
They input some data with meticulous care.

The program has issues to be quite frank
It's math level is surely not high in rank.

Does 1+1=3 or 1+1=1?
When you take 8 1/2 x 11 and 12+1 does it matter when 1=2?

After The 6th Day of mathematical injury
The consultants completed their Crime of the Century.
The bill charged 1,000 Dollars a minute instead of Six Dollars a Minute.
Before they could start The Chase
The consultants were Gone in Sixty Seconds
Proving that perhaps for all Time
Naming movies is as hard as rhyming every line.

Lazy Boy

I'm a lazy boy
Infused with armchair captain joy
I sit in my overstuffed scotch guard-protected number 12 inspected throne
With such easy payments it was no financial feat
To rally the funding for this modern day seat
It swivels, it rocks, it extends splendidly half-cocked, and it's a singular pleasure to own

When at my tether
Ease in Corinthian leather
I sit in my heated massage giving icebox equipped fundament station
The luxuries abound except for one that it lacks
There is still no known way to replenish the snacks
Some laziness lost, but at no high cost with the realization your rump lost all sensation

Something inside

I finally got the laser vision correction, but now people notice my prominent nose.
I finally can do a Diana Ross pose, but now people notice my teeth's crooked direction.

Braces straightened my smile, but now people notice my bald spot.
I bought some hair that looks really hot, but now people notice my clothing lacks style.

My clothes are now chic, but now people notice the pounds I put on.
I workout until all the fat is gone, I get attention to spare with dates every week.

But there's something not right, though they ogle and stare.
I don't think they care, though we're out every night.

Too much attention I placed, in the things that disguise.
For something once held in my eyes, Something never clearly faced.

Something inside.


I don't believe in ghosts
Those temper mental haunted house hosts.

I don't harbor hatred for spectral spooks
Over road rage kooks and murderous mooks.

I don't fear what's lurking on the other side
When kids are killers and people mutilate their own hide

I don't dread something that's not there
Since some die without anyone to care.

I don't need to invent monsters to slay
Man is so ingenious in this horrible way.

Who's to say?

Tragedy on TV, this you gotta see
On every channel, it's commercial free

The cameras are on, the world is peering
Safe feelings gone, to the New World fearing

Whose God to pray, to whom we chase
What can you say, a human kind of disgrace

But it's on TV, they knew you'd see
On some channels, it was in HDTV!

We'll never forget, what those men did
Cast a net, with evil to rid

Who's to say, what we'll catch
The wile prey, the bait and snatch

You'll see it, when they're caught
They'll air what's fit, what evil wrought

And the day
It happens again
Who's to say
Who's to say

Mary Lou

There's a girl I know named Mary Lou
She never had any trouble figuring what to do
By five PM she's already had a few
And she'll have a lot more before the night is through
She's always over at Jimmy's bar
She always walks cause she got no car
The people gather round to watch her dance
You should see her, if you ever get the chance

Now there's Chris, a guy who'd never miss
A single move she makes
And she takes pride in making eyes go wide
Plus all the hearts she breaks
He's a nice guy that would never make her cry
He'd bore her instead
So she has to fly, but the way she says goodbye
Has him blushing red

Slower Traffic Keep Left

Stimulants to get you up
Depressants to get you down
Spun round to pound
Out your allotment
To furnish your apartment
To pine away for some future spouse
Who won't commit without a house

All the while for future fretting
All the time engaged in getting
Only stopping for sleep
Only recoiling to leap
Attack! Attack! Attack!
There's some fool
Thing we still lack
Till they finally
Tally up the hours
To calculate your
Allotted graveyard flowers

Oh hurry, at a faster pace
Reserve a shady resting place
To watch the grass come up
To hear the rain pour down
The feel the world spin round
To taste your sacred ground
You finally made it

The Politically Inconsistent War Poem

Only wussies like the French and their salty fries.
Only pussies watch their films and then they cries.

We lead the world in silicon, pack'em in 'puters and in bras.
Don't you fear we got here Doctors to plastic-patch your flaws.

For safety's sake our politicians take liberty with the laws.
The Constitution's a casualty, but Hey! It's for a good cause.

'Cause we're the Bestest ever of nations.
We like to screw our foreign relations!
Can't you hear that war clock ticking?
Lop off Saddam's head and feel the quickening.

'Cause there can only ever be one
And we've only just begun.
Thank God that war is so fun!
Or we would've been long done.

What a sight to see us all leaning to the Right.
You're wrong if you don't stand united against this blight.

After all, they're just asking for this fight.
It'll be rad to bomb Baghdad morning, noon, and night.

Stand behind your troops
No matter how low any one stoops.
They all joined of their free wills
For the freedom to pay their bills.

Go send the troops your tracks
Something suitable for killing Iraqs.
Perhaps they prefer to Find Mary Jane
While they home in on Saddam Hussein.

The warning comes the warning goes.
What's tomorrow's color? No one knows.
The duct tape is up and the gas mask's on.
It's getting hard to breathe. Will this take long?

I can hardly wait until no one's Left
And no more whining about election theft
And no more signs, "No Blood for Oil!"
For Stupid People does our freedom spoil

Oh, and say the pledge you atheist smuck!
Do you think we're all here on account of good luck?

It's all a part of Dubya's great plan.
It's all for the great glory of man.

Town Crier

They called him the Town Crier
But that now had the sounds of mockery
For he had finally run out of tears

They had set the bar for he much higher
But his head bowed his will was cowed
For he worked nights daily at the fryer

They beamed with pride he was no liar
But his voice was flawed its sting declawed
For fruitless toil ebbed desire

They denied he enjoyed the briar
But his choice was outlawed in states abroad
For no tasteless spoils he'd admire

They called him the Town Crier
But never a sound he'd make never on the take
For inside snuffed be never sire he tears

To Dreams

Oh the pain of plodding posts
Oh the strain of ego boasts
Suffer no more TV'd roasts
Summer sows some yearn'n oats

Don't settle for the slash trash fiction
Or ersatz intimate friction
You're living in dereliction
Give some things a firm eviction

Pity party, perpetual pain
Life's losses focused 'til untenable strain
Invested yourself with too much blame
Stress your heart 'til split in twain

And cry out the question to empyrean plane
Can I bear to love again

But have no doubt your heart does feel
In every pulse beats something real

Take no stock in misery mete
Take no burden of regret

Time will temper and dry tears
Time will render new frontiers

But solace offered by some means
We could fulfill some things in dreams

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